Saturday, 8 September 2007

Brockley says NO to a betting shop!

So...fresh from a three day hearing in Bromley Magistrate's Court which ended yesterday (Friday 7 September 2007) I have the result of the application for a licence (in what was Homeview Videos) to operate as a betting shop. The RESIDENTS won their case opposing the granting of a licence. Yes that's right. If you opposed the betting shop (and there are 5 other betting shops in just over 1/4 mile radius, not to mention the betting shop directly opposite the proposed one) it's time to jump up and down or just to congratulate yourself for helping in this effort. A handful of us presented our case in court and were commended by the Magistrate for our presentation. BUT we can't rest yet.
The applicant Portland Bookmakers or Mr King or Mr Weaver are entitled to apply again immediately (under new legislation) and this time the licence is considered and granted or declined by Lewisham Council.

Here's what you can do.
1. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs which appear on the outside of Homeview or outside nearby (eg the pole that elevates the pedestrian crossing sign) which have Lewisham Council on and will say something like "A licence to operate as a bookmakers has been applied for....just guessing; and it should have a date to write in to the Council by in order to protest.
2.The Ombudsman has decided to investigate the granting of Change of Use from A1 to A2 by (at former Homeview) If you wish to be considered as part of this investigation there is a petition to sign in Toads Mouth Too cafe.
This second one could be crucial as the Council will get an idea of the volume of people who say no! to another betting Shop and this can influence whether they grant a licence.

Glenda Rodgers from Brockley